Looking for Alumni!

Attention Alumni!
to find our lost alumni!
For a list of alumni for whom we are missing contact information, please click here!
Our Amherst office/home is up for sale as part of the reorganization of Scandinavian Seminar. Consequently, we have 60 years of filesin our basement and attic.We would like to send the contents of your student file to you and hope thatit may provide you with a wonderful trip down memory lane.
While we've found many of our long lost alums, we still need your help. Above, you'll find a link to a list ofalums who we have not been able to locate.If you happen to know the whereaboutsof yourfellow classmates or if you are one of our "lost" alums, pleasecontact us.
Write to with your name, address, and year you went to Scandinavia if you wouldlike your student file sent to you.
Thank you!



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